Organizational Transformation

At the root of any journey through transition is open communication. True North Sustainability facilitates authentic conversations with your group, team, class, organization or community through creative ideation and appreciative inquiry. Whether you are just starting out, seeking cultural renewal, or looking to navigate difficult waters, we design a highly collaborative strategy to build your group’s capacity to attain your goals.

What can you do to make your new group vital and effective?

Create an inclusive environment by developing a sustainable group dynamic from its inception.  True North Sustainability will be your guide as you establish group norms, leadership structures and mission statements. By encouraging self-definition and team-building, we will make trust and communication a strong foundation for your team.

How can you turn a transition into a transformation for your team?

Change is inevitable. From a major reorganization to the integration of a new team member, a transition can be a meaningful opportunity to identify and evaluate patterns that may no longer be constructive in your new composition. By facilitating thorough and lively conversations, True North Sustainability can lead your team to discover unexpected connections and new capacities.

How can you resolve the internal friction impacting your group’s efficacy?

Far from something to be avoided, conflict can be a wellspring of creative energy. We can help you redirect that energy toward your primary mission by providing neutral facilitation and an outsider perspective. Our ability to hold multiple perspectives simultaneously allows us to guide groups to eschew premature judgment while exploring possibilities and remaining open to diverse outcomes.

True North Sustainability applies an improvisational approach emphasizing equal participation with honest and mindful expression. Reflection and creative questions can help your team delve into embedded assumptions, cultivate collective wisdom and illuminate a path to greater understanding.