Sustainability Research and Planning

True North Sustainability holds a positive vision of the future, one that centers compassion and equity to bring about change. An intersectional perspective is vital to achieving long-term sustainability. By listening to and incorporating diverse points of view, we can create lasting and essential transformations.

Custom Sustainability Plans

Our holistic view of sustainability helps us to collaborate with you to create comprehensive and resilient outcomes. True North Sustainability will evaluate your resources and barriers to design a dynamic, integrative vision incorporating your unique priorities.

Meaningful Research and Synthesis

At True North Sustainability, we have a passion for true understanding, and know that it starts with asking innovative questions. We collaborate with you to find your fundamental questions, investigate your path of inquiry on multiple systemic levels, and deliver insightful results.

Sustainability Consulting for Creative Endeavors

As creative change artists, we design and implement impactful projects around social and environmental justice, paradigm shift and intersectional feminism. If you are filming a documentary, writing a story, creating a work of art or developing an e-learning module, our consultation can ensure your project is grounded in holistic sustainability, technically accurate data, and thought-provoking ideas. We want to help you shine a light on Ideas that Matter through creative expression.